Vox Populi Radio Season 2 Premiere and Twitter Chat

It's no secret that I'm a huge Sean Astin fan. Most people are. The beloved actor from The Goonies, Rudy, The Lord of the Rings, and my daughter's personal favorite - 50 First Dates, is a really interesting and intelligent guy. A talker, a runner and a family man with a genuine interest in what people are thinking - Sean is definitely more than just an entertainer.

I had the honor of first meeting Sean at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up last year and later again at the ENMN Conference this year. On both occasions he was extremely nice, friendly and truly engaged in conversations with his fans. I was really surprised by his down-to-Earth qualities and became an even bigger fan of his. You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to parter with him to promote the Season 2 premiere of his Vox Populi Radio program! I'm more than happy to discuss my personal take on politics. Better yet, I'm happier to discuss my daughter's take on politics.

Airs  broadcast airs Thursdays 12-2PT  #RaiseYourVox

Airs broadcast airs Thursdays 12-2PT #RaiseYourVox

Our house is bipartisan, which makes for interesting discussions at the dinner table, especially now that my daughter is 1 year away from voting age. What do teenagers think about politics? Are they engaged? Do they care? Are they informed? Are they discussing politics at school?

I asked my daughter the above questions today and was surprised by what she had to say. At school they only discuss the hot topics: marijuana legalization and gay rights. It seems that most students her age care about those important, current social topics. Most agree that all Americans should have the same rights regardless of sexual preference, and also agree that marijuana should be taxed and legalized. When discussing the military and WWII in history class, my daughter told me that most students agreed that they are tired of our troops being overseas and "fighting other countries' battles". I thought that was very interesting. Generally speaking, she doesn't sound very impressed with our government, and frankly - I don't blame her.

I'll be joining in on the Vox Populi Radio Twitter chat tonight and invite you to do the same. Sean will be joining in and there will be prizes! Be sure to RSVP to join the conversation and follow the links below.

Click this image to RSVP to Sean's Chat

Click this image to RSVP to Sean's Chat

#RaiseYourVox Twitter party Saturday night, April 26th, 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET
Host: @HostVoxPopuli @crazyadventures 
Co-hosts: @seanastin @LindaofNote @ENMNetwork @Leah_Cevoli
Panelists: @MamaDweeb @StacieinAtlanta @1momof5
Prize Patrol: @SincerelyG
Prizes to be given away: two personalized autographed pictures, one autographed poster, and a grand prize "prize pack" with an autographed picture and Vox-branded items, including a Vox t-shirt!

Be sure to join in on the fun tonight and tune into the Season 2 premiere of Vox Populi on Thursday, May 1st on TradioV.com at 12 - 2pm PST.

Join the conversation, engage in free speech and make some friends in the process! #RaiseYourVox

Check out Sean and Vox Populi Radio on these sites as well:

Sean Astin on Twitter: www.twitter.com/HostVoxPopuli
Vox Populi on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/VoxPopuliRadio
Sean Astin on YourTube: www.youtube.com/user/HostVoxPopuli
Hashtag: #RaiseYourVox