Unboxing & Tackling the Tone it Up Bikini Series 2017

I did it. After months of researching their workouts, reading their books and skimming the hashtags on Instagram - I joined the TIU Team. I am officially a Tone it Up girl and am a few days into the 2017 Tone it Up Bikini Series. I love everything that came in the Bikini Seiries bundle.

I am a little worried about starting an 8 week program while in the midst of one of the busiest times in my life. I still work 9 hours a day outside of the house, plus I am freelancing and blogging, am traveling like crazy, I'm back in school, training for a marathon and am in the midst of some other (personal) really big things.

Do I really have the time to do two workouts a day? I did manage 1 hour of OrangeTheory a day for weeks at a time - so I know I at least have that in me. But how will this work with marathon training? Will this meal plan work with my soy allergies and my inclination towards very few carbs? I have a lot of questions.

So far I know this:

  • I enjoy the workouts at home but they are way more beneficial if I do them at the gym with heavy weights
  • The meal plan has way too many carbs and sugar - I will need to adjust according to my own macros
  • I'm sticking with Vega as my source of protein for now

It's not going to be easy. But I am willing to give the Tone it Up Bikini Series a try because the Tone it Up community is pretty great. 

Stick around for updates. Stay healthy!

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