Times Flies When You're Having Fun

The days have zipped by at the speed of light since my last entry. With the arrival of Fall comes the start of a new school year accompanied by activities and homework. I feel like I hardly have time to catch my breath.

My birthday launched a series of good times that began on the 2nd and lingered well beyond Labor Day weekend. I ate cake for four days straight. It was not by choice after the second day, but I had to eat something to keep myself going...

There was a baseball game, followed by the Oakland Art and Soul festival, followed by a weekend in Monterey, followed by impromptu salsa dancing with the Esposito's on Mrs. E's birthday, followed by dancing in front of the Purple one himself at the same club a couple of nights later (a night that will be remembered forever as the night he did the "man-nod" to me), followed by a 3 hour champagne party at the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival with my parents.

Good times.

I must confess I was feeling really old the night after my birthday. But the days that followed served as a reminder that sometimes it is ok to act your shoe size, mamma. Dusting off the sax and jamming in Monterey with old friends, being invited to private parties by total strangers, drinking champagne and being recognized by a member of Prince's entourage and getting into the venue free (hey $25 bucks is $25 bucks). 

Cheers to everyone celebrating another year of life!

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