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5 Reasons a Vacation at the Disneyland Hotel is Pure Magic

You wouldn't know it by the beautifully renovated rooms, modern amenities and enchanting theming throughout the three towers, but the Disneyland Hotel is celebrating its 60th birthday this year right alongside Disneyland park and she looks fabulous! When I told the kids we'd be staying at the Disneyland Hotel during our recent visit to attend Mickey's Halloween Party they were beyond thrilled! I can think of at least 5 reasons why a vacation at the Disneyland Hotel is pure magic.

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runDisney Disneyland 5K Race Recap

Picking out a costume for this race wasn't easy. I wanted to wear my Maleficent costume for the 5K (because I thought she might be on this course) and the Evil Queen costume for the 10K because I thought she might be on that course. But I had a feeling I wouldn't last more than a couple of miles in the Evil Queen Costume, and I was really starting think I'd need to swap my costume plans...

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Disneyland Half Marathon 10th Anniversary Party Recap

I am living proof that the best way to have kicked off running every single race during runDisney's Disneyland Half Marathon weekend was by celebrating with a private 10th Anniversary Party at Disneyland. Sure the party was the night before the 5K, but who needs sleep when your mission is to meet all your favorite classic Disney characters!?

Those of us that registered for the party celebrated with special character photo opportunities, entertainment and attractions. We were also treated to an exclusive (as in: every seat was the best seat) viewing of the “Paint the Night” parade. Additionally, we received this sweet 10th anniversary sling bag.

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