Rock 'n' Roll Winter Hat 5K Virtual Run

My Rock 'n' Blog assignment for December: Complete 3 virtual runs, earn 4 medals. One medal for each race, and 1 shiny piece of bonus bling as a reward for not being a sloth during the holidays. That's an assignment I can complete.

Rock 'n' Roll is back again with another virtual running series called Winter Runningland. This winter themed holiday series is exactly what I need to lift me out of my current too-injured-to-run slump.

I've mentioned before that I am a big fan of virtual races. First of all, virtual runs are honor based - and I'm all about honor. Secondly, I like to run alone. I like to run with purpose. I like to spend time in my own head, listening to my body, absorbing my surroundings. Running alone brings me peace I can't find in a corral full of runners.

Yesterday, after a very busy weekend and an intense cardio workout, I ventured out for a fast walk/super slow jog around the neighborhood. It felt fabulous to be outside. I can't run hard or fast due to a stress fracture, but I can speed walk and jog super super slowly without wincing too much. I was excited to run through our little downtown and admire the Christmas decorations. I ended up logging a little over 3.10 miles, but I couldn't help myself. Christmas is my favorite.

With the first run (Winter Hat, below) done - I have two more to look forward to:

Winter Hat: November 18 - December 4


Running Shoe: December 5 - December 18


Earmuffs: December 19 - December 31


Snow Globe: Bonus medal for completing all three 


If you're looking for away to stay in shape during the holidays, give the #RnRVirtualRun series a go! You have to burn off those Christmas cookies anyway. 

Follow along with me this month as I complete the next two races in the #RnRVirtualRun series:

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