Madonna Inn Pink Champagne Cake

During a road trip to tour Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, I surprised my daughter with a visit to the famed Madonna Inn for a tour and a slice of the delectable Pink Champagne Cake at the Copper Café inside the inn.


An international landmark destination situated on the Central Coast of California, the whimsical and perfectly pink Madonna Inn is home to 110 uniquely named & decorated retro rooms featuring everything from rock waterfall showers to circular beds and even one room that boasts a mill with moving figurines.

From pink tennis courts and sexy hot pink wallpaper to floating cherubs – every inch of the Madonna Inn is Disneyland meets Wonderland with a stop at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It’s vividly offbeat and extravagantly cool.

In addition to the rooms, the inn also has award-winning food. With a steakhouse, café, bar and bakery on-site – if you can’t stay the night you should at the very least drop in for a cocktail and a dish. 


Located inside the Copper Café, the bakery receives 30 to 50 orders for the Pink Champagne Cake per day. In addition to the Pink Champagne cake, the bakery's Black Forest, Toffee Crunch and Lemon Coconut are also extremely popular cakes. My daughter ordered the Black Forest to taste along side the Pink Champagne. She couldn't resist not ordering it once she saw it in the case. Chocoholic.

The Pink Champagne cake is made of three light & heavenly white cake layers. In-between each layer is a decadent whipped almond flavored Bavarian cream and one layer of freshly made whipped cream. The cake is iced with a whipped cream icing that serves as the canvas for the pink white chocolate flakes that are delicately pressed onto the entire cake, covering it in that gorgeous hot pink that’s almost too pretty to eat. In keeping with the inn’s over-the-top theme, the cake is finished with a topping of curls upon curls of the hot pink white chocolate. As much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. 


The cake is sweet, but not so sweet that it can't be paired with wine. I recommend a sparkling wine or semi-dry champagne. Even a rosé would be delightful. On this particular day it was very hot out, so I paired with a crisp Riesling. Divine.


Recently the vendor who produces the Madonna Inn’s signature pink white chocolate suddenly decided to refresh the dyes, leaving the Madonna Inn no choice but to use the undyed white chocolate on the Pink Champagne and Apple Spice cakes. The flavor is still the same, but the inn acknowledges that customers are disappointed in the current pale color scheme. The inn assures us all that the pink color will return sometime soon. I'd eat it in any color. Especially purple.

Perfect. Pink. Delectable. The Pink Champagne Cake from the Madonna Inn is a national treasure that you have to taste at least once in your life.

I'm looking forward to my stay next month as my love and I celebrate both of our birthdays with a romantic stay at the inn. Stay tuned for a full review of our room, our stay and Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steakhouse.

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