KISS - World Domination Tour

After years of being a Kiss fan – and years of being afraid of them as a kid – I was finally inducted into the Kiss Army tonight thanks to my friend Mr. Maya!

Don't think for a second I am forgetting about Aerosmith. Both KISS and Aerosmith were headliners tonight at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View and my ears are still ringing from the goodness.

Maya is a huge KISS fan. He flew in all the way from Brooklyn, New York & spared no expense. Meaning our seats were epic, unfortunately my camera phone is not. 

Kiss at Shoreline

Kiss at Shoreline

With both of these rock giants sharing the top billing we were treated to hours of rock classics. Kiss kicked off the show in full costume with Gene Simmons' tongue present and accounted for! They were the over the top rock stars I remembered from my childhood and they put on a show that surpassed my expectations. 

Aerosmith took the stage with the same energy and performed classics that I never thought would sound as amazing live as they did on the records. I was wrong. Steven Tyler's vocals were on point and his showmanship is electric. He is a natural born frontman and Joe Perry the perfect guitar hero.

My favorite performances tonight:

KISS: Detroit Rock City, Rock & Roll All Nite, Lick It Up, Shout it Out Loud and the Bass Solo moment. Wow!

Aerosmith: Every. Single. Song. Seriously! From Sweet Emotion to Pink.

What a treat this night has been. Thanks always to my New York friend, Maya.

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