Jason Mraz Concert Recap

The Jason Mraz concert at the San Francisco Warfield last night was pure joy. Not even the rain could stop from us from enjoying a wonderful evening.

I left San Jose at 4:30pm and didn't get to the Warfield until 7:00pm. It was truly quite the downpour; top speed on 101 never exceeded 40MPH because the visibility was almost zero. Luckily, there were no accidents and we made it into San Francisco safely. We found parking quickly and, more importantly, very close to the Warfield in no time at all.

We were inside and seated by 7:10pm; grabbing a table right up against the edge of the floor. The perfect spot for a 6 year old girl’s first time at the Warfield. A rite of passage to say the least.

Steadman was the opening band kicking off the night nicely with a great set. We were really excited when Jason Mraz took the stage and were stoked on every song. He performed a fabulous mix of old live classics as well as tracks from the Waiting for My Rocket to Come album in his trademark smooth, velvety voice. My favorites: “Rainbow Connection", "Right Kind of Phrase", "So Unusual", "Tonight (not again)", "Unravel" and everything in between. The entire band was on point throughout the set, always engaging with Jason. Bonus: Toca told unfunny jokes that were funny because, well - he's Toca!

My little Star did fall asleep sometime during his set, but woke up just in time to sing her favorite, "Curbside Prophet". Her cuteness is overwhelming.

I've seen Jason Mraz perform a few times now and I am enjoying watching his journey into stardom from the sidelines. When people ask who is this Jason Mraz guy I like so much I just reply, "He reminds my mom of Paul McCartney". Then they get it. His lyrics are romantic without being sappy. They have a sense of love lost and humanity gained - an odd pairing but somehow it works. The tone of voice delivers the genuine lyrics with clarity and beauty.


Tonight, Not Again, Common Pleasure, I'll Do Anything, Absolutely Zero, Right Kind of Phrase, 1,00 Things, Unfold, The Rainbow Connection, The Remedy, Unravel, So Unusual, Curbside Prophet, No Stopping Us, Sleep All Day, You & I Both, Too Much Food.

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