Inaugural San Jose Giants 5K

Awesome day today at the San Jose Giants 5K with my daughter and friends! We both arrived bright & early showing our black & orange Giants pride. I wore my new orange Team Sparkle skirt (which I LOVE and will wear again to the SF Giants 5K in September), and she sparkled just by smiling.


My original plan was to run this race for a PR. Somehow, after going on a bike ride a week ago, I tweaked my back and thought it would be best if I just walked my friends and daughter. Of course, when I showed up on race day I was bitten by the run bug and wanted to bolt, but this was one of those situations where it was so much more fun to talk and catch up than chase a PR. 


I thought the course was fast, fun and wide enough to accommodate everyone. I loved that we ran under the shade of the trees in the park between Happy Hollow and the Japanese Friendship Garden. If you grew up in San Jose like me - you have lots of memories hanging out at those places as a kid. Better yet, the finish line was located inside the SJ Giants Municipal Stadium, which is also where we were given our cool medal and sweet tee (both of which are killer).

M edal Photo From Giant Race Facebook Page
Medal Photo From Giant Race Facebook Page

I had a great time and thought that the event was really well put together, but I do hope it starts earlier next year. It was blazing hot by 8am, and the temps rose quickly as we walked the course. The only downside was not seeing my favorite former SF Giant, JTSnow, during the pre-race warm-up at the starting line. I didn’t even know he was there! It wasn’t until minutes before the race started that I heard an announcement thanking him for being there. I'm not sure if I missed out because I was in the parking lot talking to my daughter & waiting on my friends and not at the starting line – or because it was never announced. Either way, I will definitely be paying attention more at the SF Giants 5K in September so I don’t miss out. Looking forward to running through AT&T Park next!

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