"Hook" Lost Boys Reunite for 25 Anniversary Photo Shoot

Later this year Hook will officially celebrate its 25th anniversary. Although not a critically acclaimed adaptation of Peter Pan, Hook is a fantastic film in my opinion, and a family favorite. 

Because Robin Williams.


My daughter and I watched Hook over and over when she was little, promising each other we'd never grow up to be as uptight and cranky as Peter. Along with Robin Williams, the Spielberg directed film also featured Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins and of course - The Lost Boys.


Production company 22 Vision was able to round up the Lost Boys (Ryan J Francis, Raushan Hammond, Isaiah Robinson, Thomas Tulak, Dante Basco, Brett Willis, Ahmad Stoner, Bo Gheorghe, Bryan Willis and James Madio) for a very cool photo shoot that takes us back many, many years.


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