Fitmob launches MobTribes + I Have an Athleta Gift Card Giveaway

Since I challenged you to do something amazing for yourself this October, I thought I'd follow that challenge up with two awesome things to get you started: a $25 gift card to Athleta (sponsored by fitmob) and the lowdown on the latest genius workout idea from fitmob: MobTribes

Fitmob is the fitness-meets-technology-plus-community brainchild of Snapfish co-founder and entrepreneur Raj Kapoor, tech guru and martial arts champion Paul Twohey, and worldwide fitness expert Tony Horton. Their mission is to get the world healthy and fit through the power of community. Fitmob reinvented the fitness industry by creating a community-based app that connects people with amazing trainers. They can then workout indoors and/or outdoors within their own neighborhoods in supportive yet challenging environments with others who share the same goals. It's pretty sweet!

  • fitmob offers fun & challenging workouts with top trainers in various neighborhoods in the Bay Area
  • Workouts range from cardio to strength training, dance, and yoga and are offered morning, noon, or after work in indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Unlike the gym, members can workout in various neighborhoods nearby and pay weekly. Joining fitmob is free and members never pay for inactivity. Alternatively, members are rewarded for working out more (the more you work out, the less you pay each week).

fitmob just launched a new personal training program, called MobTribes, that is affordable, fun, and all about results. It’s a group of 2-6 people matched with a top rated certified trainer handpicked by fitmob that meet at a convenient location picked by the tribe. Check out the video below:

The tribe trains together 2X/week in a six week program to motivate each other and get results. MobTribes include personal attention, nutrition tips, tracking daily activity, off day workouts and training (without the personal training price tag!) It's easy to use the app to check in and message with your trainer and Tribe members.

What I love about this is that you can create your OWN tribe, in YOUR neighborhood catered to YOUR goals. And, the more merrier! Not just because you'll be motivated, feel comfortable, have fun and get results, but also because it's cheaper with friends!

How much do you save? A lot, compared to what a gym charges you per month plus for personal training. MobTribes shared personal training is 70% less than most 1:1 personal training!

  • The cost is $34/session. You commit to a six week program, which includes 12 sessions.
  • Bonus: If you invite friends you and your friends only pay $29 per session.
  • No one is billed until they officially join a Tribe

fitmob makes fitness, fun, affordable, unique and community based. You can't get that from a gym! That's the beauty of the services fitmob provides. Customers are challenged and engaged and love the workout programs. The trainers are hand-picked, and the culture created those trainers is positive. Being a coach myself and a big fan of Tony Horton - I have also felt for a very long time that community-based exercise is the way to go. 

Give MobTribes a try. Check out the site - log in and sign up - you DON'T have to pay anything until your MobTribe is assembled! 

  1. Click here to enter your email address:
  2. Select your preferences: choose the location, time/day, and fitness level you want.
  3. They will match you with a Tribe or you can create your own with your friends.
  4. Once your Tribe is ready, your trainer will email you to prepare you for your first session!

I want to give you a $25 gift card to Athleta to help you towards your fitness goals this month! Enter below and please note: all entries are due by OCTOBER 30th. ONE gift card winner will be announced November 1st. Gift card will be mailed directly to the winner from the sponsor. No registration with fitmob is required, but they may contact you via email with more information on MobTribes.