Disneyland Half Marathon Meet-Up

Ever since the date of the Disneyland Half Marathon was released, I have thought about only 2 things: 1) It's on my birthday - the Coast to Coast medal is going to be even more special to me  2) I really hope there's a pre-race meet-up..

Just like with the Princess Half Meet-Up, I've been following the runDisney handles closely waiting for a meet-up announcement. Finally yesterday, after weeks of wondering if there would even be a meet-up, the wait was over! runDisney and Disney Sports both announced that an opportunity to attend a special meet-up would take place after 11am today.

During lunch, the announcement I waited weeks for was made: runDisney will be hosting a meet-up & warm-up which will take 30 lucky applicants through Cars Land with Jeff Galloway, Suzy Favor Hamilton and other special guests:

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

I sent in my RSVP as soon as the announcement was made. The instructions stated that the list of attendees would not be released until 2pm. So with that, lunch was over and I set back to work. The hours passed and I was too busy to notice 2pm had come and gone. It wasn't until my iPhone started blowing up with direct messages that I learned my name was on the list of chosen attendees! 

I could not be more excited! Be sure to stay tuned here and on twitter (@iRunDisney) for live photos and a full meet-up re-cap.

Below is the full and final list of attendees. If your name is on this list - be sure to leave a message below with a link to your twitter/blog, etc.


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