Playing with Dirt

Last week was ridiculous. Meetings at work, meetings and school tours after work, long days and longer nights.

Then came the weekend! We finally got together and went dirt bike riding. I was really proud of my daughter, who has come a long way the past few months. I love watching her have so much fun. She really has become more confident and more aware of her surroundings. Two very important strengths that will help her in all she does. Dirt biking is so beneficial for kids, especially girls. Sure she takes lessons and is a great singer, but she is also a great dirt bike rider. She is learning focus, balance, coordination and basic road rules. Along with this new skill comes great responsible. She must be a cautious rider for her safety and the safety of those around her and she has to respect her dirt bike and realize it is not a toy. 

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Most days, I’m pressed for time and struggling to juggle everything at once. I work out at the gym for fun and fitness, but I never really get a mental break from life when I’m there. In fact, while I’m sweating I’m also counting the minutes to move on to the next task. I’ve got so much going on that my mind is always in a thousand different places at once. That’s why, for me, the greatest thing about riding is the amount of concentration necessary. The total inability to stress about work, bills, school, answering emails, returning calls, etc. makes riding the perfect escape for me. It’s awesome. You either concentrate or you crash. Period.

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