Bad Moms Night Out at the 'Bad Moms' Screening in San Francisco

Last week I was invited to a Bad Moms Night Out screening of 'Bad Moms', a comedy about women who are in need of a little self-indulgence.

Our screening kicked off at Jillian's in San Francisco where we were served light appetizers and wine. (The neat plastic 'Bad Moms' wine "glasses" made really cool souvenirs.) I was thrilled my friend Christine was able to join me! We chatted, mingled and snacked until we were escorted upstairs to the AMC for showtime. We both laughed really hard and really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was the perfect girls night out!

Written by the same men that wrote 'The Hangover', 'Bad Moms' delivers a similar kind of hilarious inappropriate behavior, but it's even better because A) it's relatable and B) we never get to see women behaving as badly as men in movies. If you actually know women, you know that when we get together we can be pretty damn raunchy. 

The female cast is phenomenal (the men are sort of an afterthought). Mila Kunis (Amy), a mom in her 30s, seems to do everything while her husband doesn't seem to do much. After a catastrophic event, Amy starts to unravel. Fed-up, she turns against the evil PTA President (Christina Applegate) and finds two other moms (Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn) also in desperate need of a break from perfection, to go have a drink with. Together the three become Bad Moms.

Lots of wild shenanigans happen when these three women begin bonding and supporting each other in other areas of their lives. It's great to see a movie where the underdogs form a team to take down the bully. Especially when you know who that bully is because you've also lived through it. I still have nightmares about my daughter's PTA moms. 

Bad Moms is for every mom that has ever done something she wasn't sure was right, who has never properly executed something she attempted from Pinterest and who is over-worked and completely exhausted. You will leave the theater infused with girl power. 

The movie has an amazing cameo and very sweet closing credits. Be sure to stay through those.