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Premiere of FOX MTB "Ride Your F#%king Bike - The Movie. Powered by Chainsaw."

Last night I flew to Santa Ana and joined my better half at the premiere of Fox Racing's first new MTB movie in ten years, Ride Your F#%king Bike - The Movie. Powered by Chainsaw. It was great movie and fun night!

Anoche fuimos a el estreno de la primera película de Fox Racing en diez años, "Ride Your F #% king Bike - The Movie. Powered by Chainsaw". 


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Saturday Short: Matt Bomer & American Horror Story Win my Week in Entertainment

I am the biggest Star Wars fan I know in the purest, dorkiest most 1970s sense of fandom. So you would think after standing in line for over an hour to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens I would tell you that the highlight of my week, in terms of entertainment, was watching the most anticipated film of the decade. Sadly, no. But that's only because American Horror Story: Hotel lit up the sleepy, creepy Hotel Cortez this week with an Indiana Jones-esque sword/gun fight and dropped quite a few fresh surprises in this week's episode, "She Gets Revenge".

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