5 Vintage Fitness Memes

The fitness community on social media can be extremely motivating and supportive. I have friends who have cheered me on during races and throughout my fitness journey, and friends who share motivational memes and images on their various social media channels daily. Love that, love them.

But those overly manipulated images of untoned skinny girls in designer workout wear don't do much to motivate me. So for us vintage gals who like our motivation with a side of humor, here are 5 fun fitness memes to get us going.

For the gal who doesn't care what she wears to the gym because her biggest obstacle is just getting there:

For the gal who puts effort into her workout look because she feels like it: 

For the sexy gals with strong lingerie game under that business suit:

For the older gals who don't take any sh*t from anyone:

For the gals who are constantly trying to explain to other gals why they should lift:

Whichever guy or gal you are - you are awesome. 

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