The Marin 415K & Miracle Mile Remote Runner Race Recap

I love to #RunTheBay and #RunLocal, but sometimes you're at Disneyland on race day. Usually, that means you have to skip a race, but thankfully the organizers at The Marin 415K & Miracle Mile recognize that people do travel, and allowed us to register for this race as remote runners. That means I'm still in the running for the Run the Bay Challenge!

The advantages of being a remote runner are endless. I was able to run my race the morning after I returned from my conference on my own time, at my favorite course, just a few seconds from my house. Sure, it is a little less fun without the people, music and course fun, but when it's you're only option to still be able to participate in a race you REALLY want to run - being a remote runner is the way to go.

I put in my miles...

And I earned my bling...


The very best part? My race bling and tee were mailed to me! Nice touch! Thanks, 415K!