Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal

They're here and they are fabulous! 

Remember when I first told you about the Disneyland Paris half last year? Well, I haven't learned much more about the races since then, but yesterday I shared this Tweet from Disneyland Paris PR and have been waiting for the big reveal ever since.

First up, the runDisney Kids Races medal. Very cute although not particularly French themed. 

On to the runDisney Disneyland Paris 5K medal. How cute is Chef Remy!? I'm a huge fan of the runDisney 5K medals, and love that this adorable medal will go perfectly with my dinner at Bistrot Chez Rémy on Sunday night.

A 5K wouldn't be as fun if I wasn't waking up the next day to run a half marathon. Enter the Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon medal. This simple, but classic beauty will be hung around my neck Sunday after running 13.1 miles in and around Disneyland Paris. Pinch me.

Saving the best for last, of course, feast your eyes on the Castle-to-Chateau Challenge medal! I ran three runDisney Half marathons this year that qualify me for this gorgeous piece of hardware, Star Wars Light Side Half, Star Wars Dark Side Half and Tink Half (recap is coming), and I can't help but wonder which medal I should bring with me to Disneyland Paris to wear along side this stunner.

I actually think she's just fine on her own. Kinda like me. 

The clock is counting down and between training and life in general - the trip planning has been a slow process. Stay tuned as I reveal more details about my trip to France and Disneyland Paris in the coming weeks - including my race costumes!

Au revoir!