5 Memes Every College Parent Understands

I love my daughter more than life itself. I am proud of her and I know she is a pretty amazing human being. When she went away to college I was doing better than I expected. I missed her, but knew she'd be home for the summer so I had that to hang on to.

But she didn't come home. And then she turned 19.

My freshman was able to score three jobs on campus over the summer, one of which provided housing. So with her own home and her own money she suddenly didn't need me anymore. Well, let's be honest: she didn't want me to nag her or tell her what to do or micromanage her, but she didn't stop me from doing things for her or giving things to her like I'm Oprah.

This whole "allowing your child to become an adult" thing is harder than I thought. It's hard to let go of the mama bear instinct to protect at all times. It's also hard for the young adult to swim in these new waters. This is new territory for both of us - she's pulling way and I'm holding on.

The lesson here is: don't get into a power struggle. The struggle IS real, but it doesn't have to be negative. I didn't go through the "terrible twos" with her, so maybe this our version of that stage. But it's all good - it's all part of life. I trust her and I trust what I've taught her. The answer is trust and love. 

And memes.  Because laughter is truly the best medicine. 

When you've reached the peak of frustration, you can text a meme to your kid reminding them that they are an adult and you are currently unavailable. Especially when they tell you how expensive groceries are.