12 Disney Travel Favorites You Need in Your Carry-On Bag

One of the many things I have learned from my better half is how to be a smarter traveler by packing light and keeping my essentials readily available for the next flight.

For short trips I typically carry-on a purse and a small suitcase. My favorite purse is my LeSportsac Small World bag in the Polynesian Paradise print.


I adore this bag! It weighs next to nothing and folds easily into my bigger bags if further consolidation is necessary. It also comes with a smaller (matching) bag that I keep tucked inside with makeup & smaller treasures.

If you see me on an airplane carrying this bag chances are I'm toting these 12 magical Disney travel faves:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Minnie Mouse eye mask: perfect for the redeye from West coast to East coast
  2. Cheshire Cat sunglasses: because inconsiderate people / unseasoned travelers don't understand that airplane window shades should remain closed at all times
  3. PokitPal pill case: created and designed by Robert Olszewski, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during Walt Disney's Enchanted tiki Room 50th Anniversary Event, this is my favorite way to carry vitamins, allergy pills & whatever else helps me tolerate people on airplanes
  4. Haunted Mansion tablet case: this beautiful case protects my iPad & keyboard as well as a small set of earbuds - it also has its own strap for separate carrying if needed
  5. Jack Skellington headphones: one of the greatest Christmas gifts I've ever received, these headphones are perfect for making it clear you have no intention of talking to your neighbor on this flight
  6. Disney Social Media Moms Celebration portable charger: although thicker in size than many other portable chargers, I prefer this favorite souvenir from the 2015 DisneySMMC due to how quickly it recharges and charges (plus it's very special to me)
  7. MAC Maleficent Beauty Power: this soft, naturally peachy tone works perfect as a highlighter over my tired skin just before landing
  8. CoverGirl Star Wars lipstick, Red 30: soft makeup, black eyeliner and sexy shimmering red lips - so classic and so easy to touch up before landing
  9. Walt Disney Family Museum Mints: with a classic Walt quote, this tin accurately describes the journey of life while keeping your breath fresh
  10. Hand Sanitizer: I am germphobic - no other explanation necessary
  11. h20+ Grapefruit Bergamot Body Lotion: do yourself a favor by purchasing a bottle of this lovely body lotion and squirting 3oz of it into a travel safe bottle that you can toss into your bag. With all the hand washing and sanitizing that takes place during travel, you'll be thankful for this moisturizing bottle of magic.
  12. Compact R2-D2 umbrella: because you should always be prepared to shield yourself from excessive sun or rain, and it's tiny enough to fit in your bag - Jedi style

¡Buen viaje!