Wear it Wednesday: Dressing in Layers (Adventureland DisneyBound)

The most irritating piece of advice you can give a traveller regarding what to wear at a particular destination is "dress in layers" or "pack layers". I'll be honest, when you say layers I immediately think cake layers and that doesn't help. At all.

Living in Northern California the weather can be quite unpredictable so we have learned how to dress in layers. I typically am always hot, though have been known to freeze in offices - so the layering concept works well for me as long as the layers are light.

what i wore 1

So what does dressing in layers mean? Above is an example of a layered look that's casual but still can be worn to work. With a few tweaks it's a perfect Adventureland DisneyBound.

Keep your layers light and comfortable. You can't go wrong with a pair of black leggings as your starting point. Add to that a colorful, flowery (think tropical), sheer loose tank. Over the tank wear a long shawl-like sweater in a neutral tone. A basic wrap in a cream color allows the top to stand out while tying in nicely with the bag and boots.

For this look, I paired dark aged boots with a brass buckle. They looked polished but rugged. I finished the look with my Harvey's Enchanted Tiki Room bag that happens to have a little Mowgli charm dangling off the side. Totally ready for a Jungle Cruise.

Add a cream colored or tan hat to complete the Advetureland DisneyBound look.

Enjoy working those layers!