Star Wars Dark Side 10K Recap

To wear a race costume or not to wear a race costume. That always seems to be the question. Especially when running at Walt Disney World. Humidity is my Kryptonite. If I could run in a tiny sports bra and booty shorts, I would. Believe that. But since I can't, and since it was the Inaugural WDW Star Wars 10K, I had to think. I knew I didn't want to wear a Star Wars themed costume. I wanted to be creative, unique and out of this world. My first thought: Captain Eo. Problem? Too many clothes. Second thought? Epcot Minnie Mouse circa 1980s.


Unique: CHECK  |  Creative: CHECK  |  Out of this world: CHECK  |  Yup, I had achieved my goal, but it was SO silver. I was either going to pull it off with style or look like a giant Mylar balloon. The truth is I really didn't care either way so I rolled it. And it was a HIT!


The night before the race I didn't get much sleep. I had taken the red eye from LA to Orlando and went straight to Universal Studios for fun. I showed up at the runDisney Expo about 10 minutes before closing and grabbed my bib only to then head to Disney Springs for a late dinner. Much, much later I checked into my hotel room. I set out my race kit, set my alarm and went to bed. By 4:00 AM I was outside my hotel and onboard the runDisney shuttle. In almost no time we are at the staging area where I soon met up with friends.

One of the cool things about WDW races are the concessions stands in the staging area. I hadn't had coffee and was pretty dehydrated, so I happily bought a coffee and POWERADE with my magic band. I chugged both (seriously, WHO DOES THAT before running?!) and started on the 20 mile walk in the dark to the corrals.

I kid. But yeah, it's a hike compared to Disneyland.

Just a few minutes after corral A started, corral B was on its way.


First stop was Epcot. (You can check out the course here). A really cute family of runners took my photo and I took theirs with Spaceship Earth as our backdrop.


When we left Epcot we headed towards Hollywood Studios via the Boardwalk. At this point I had passed two character lines: R2-D2 at the beginning of the race and Chewbacca here after Epcot. Both lines were insane so I ran by. 


This photo captures how tight the sidewalks were for runners. There really wasn't much room to run fast as people of all speeds were all over the place. Little did I know how much more tight this space would be the next day!


Finally, characters! Cosplayers were stationed at the entrance of Hollywood Studios. Runners were helping each other snap photos and I was able to get a few good ones.


I love running into friends on the course! How cute is her Darth Minnie costume?


The cosplayers were my first and last photo stop along the course. I was running super slow and steady with really no intention of stoping for photos because I was so eager to get ready for Dapper Day. Thankfully, runDisney has PhotoPass photographers on the course and I have great race photos to commemorate this inaugural race. With no characters in sight anyway, I just decided to smile at the camera!


By the time we reached ESPN Wide World of Sports the sun was up and more cosplayers were out.


I told the Storm Trooper a joke and he laughed. I really wish I could I see his face!


I tried to broadcast myself crossing the finish on Facebook Live, but the service was terrible and I was only able to broadcast a bit. I really wanted to share crossing the finish line with my friends. Unfortunately, it didn't work as expected but I crossed the finish line all smiles anyway.


I collected my medal and treats and headed back to the bus area. Of course my bus number would be 1 all weekend. The farthest stop from the finish. I had to laugh. Thankfully, transportation was a breeze and I was back at the All-Stars Movies resort in less than 15 minutes. 


The medal and finisher shirt for this race are both super awesome! I love the neon colors on the shirt. So 80s!


The TIE fighter medal is SO sweet! It feels nice too...has a lot of weight to it. I really liked the quality of the medal and shirt.


This was a fun race and I had a great time because I was running through Disney parks, which is one of the many reasons I run these races. However,  it wasn't nearly as fun or as wonderful as the Star Wars 10K races at Disneyland (2015 & 2016). I'm sure I am biased because those are my "home" races, but this race paled in comparison to the course, spectators and characters at the Disneyland Star Wars 10K races. It was humid and I sweat like a beast in that silver costume. I don't recommend it!

I had breakfast, showered and got ready to enjoy Dapper Day and the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. I was looking forward to finishing this Dark Side Challenge with the Half Marathon the next day, but in the meantime - I wanted to enjoy myself. Stay tuned for the Dark Side Half Marathon recap!

Did you run the Dark Side 10K? Thoughts?