Giant Race Sacramento 10K Recap

I had been contemplating running the inaugural Giant Race in Sacramento since it was announced, but I knew there was no way I could pull that off AND be at Levi’s Stadium in time for the Santa Clara stop of the Monster Energy Supercross tour on the same day. Unfortunately, a family emergency called my better half away causing our plans to change at the last minute. That left me very suddenly free and alone for the weekend. Since the opportunity oddly presented itself I felt I had a decision to make: drive 135 miles by myself to run a 5K or stay home.

So the night before the race I reached out to my friend and asked her if she was still planning on running the race. She was! She offered to drive the car pool up to Sac and advised me to sign up for the 10K (rather than the 5K) so that I could run with her. That's what I did and the rest is history! We had a really great time, loved Raley Field and enjoyed the course. 

We landed at Raley Field an hour before race time and got ourselves all dialed for the 10K. I love a race small enough to offer on-site bib pick-up and same-day race registration! Plus, as part of the Giant Race series, I’ll be earning the triple bagger award for running this race in addition to the San Jose and San Francisco races. 

Sacramento Giant Race Bib

I was really impressed with Raley Field - especially in comparison to Municipal Stadium in San Jose. Of course the Sacramento River Cats are an AAA ball team (formerly Green Collar) so it makes sense that their stadium is fancier than hours, but I was still a little jealous.

Raley Field Pano

The start chute was tiny and all the 5K, 10K and 10K relay runners started at the same time. It was pretty tight getting through initially, but when we went through for the second loop with the other 10K runners it was considerably less crowded.

Sacramento Giant Race Start Chute

The course was a basic 5K loop along the river and around the stadium. It was a beautiful cool and breezy day - GREAT running weather.

Sacramento River

Emelia was running hard and I struggled to keep up. It's very motiving when the person running faster than you is also the person driving you home! So I kept my head down and just pushed through knowing I'd be happy for it in the end! I did my best and was very proud of our finish!

SAC Giant Race Finisher Medal

We love our sweet Sac bling!

Sacramento Giant Race Bling

This inaugural race is one of 4 offered by the Giant Race organization. One is in Arizona at their spring training facility, one is here at the AAA River Cats stadium, one is in San Jose at the SJ Giants stadium (Municipal Stadium) and of course the final one takes place in San Francisco at the SF Giants stadium. I was in Daytona during the Arizona race which REALLY made me sad! If you run 2 of the 4 races you receive a special "Turn Two" award, if you run 3 you receive a "Three Bagger" award and if you make all four races you receive a "Series Sweep Award". It was recently announced that the Three Bagger award would no longer be a medal as in the past because the organization wants the Sweep Award to seem special. Makes sense, but is a bit of a bummer for some. I'm still running all three and hoping to run all four next year! I'll take all the Giants swag I can earn!

Fo an inaugural race, this one was fun and didn't have too many issues outside of overcrowding at the start and in the finisher's area of the stadium. The line for the beer was a mess, but it was Lagunitas IPA so that's ok! Hopefully next year they sort that out. 

In the meantime, I'm happy my lovely friend encouraged me to run and finish this race with her and I'm looking forward to the next two in the series! Stay tuned for recaps of those races here!