Think About Your Eyes

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Think About Your Eyes.As always, opinions are always my own. 

As a mindful society we take care of our health by exercising, making smart food choices, practicing yoga and visiting our doctors for annual exams. When it comes to our kids, we do even more. We go above and beyond to advocate for their well being at home, at school and at the doctor's office. But when it comes to our eyes, statistics show we might be slacking a bit.


Because eye exams are an important part of health maintenance, Think About Your Eyes has created a website full of information, tips and an eye doctor locator

In our family we do not take our eyes for granted. I began suffering from headaches as a young child and my mother thought I might possibly be struggling to see the blackboard at school. She was right! One quick (and actually pretty fun) trip to the optometrist revealed that I have astigmatism. I have been wearing glasses and contacts ever since. An annual eye exam helps me keep my headaches under control, while also allowing me to update my look with fresh frames. 


With kids spending so much time in front of computers, tablets and cellular phones - the time to have their eyes examined is now. 

  • The number of eye exams recommended for children by the age of 6 is 3
  • 60% of parents don't feel that an eye exams is an essential part of a child's check-up schedule
  • Nearly 50% of parents with children under the age of 6 have never taken their child to the eye doctor

Those are startling facts. Eyes are muscles with an extremely important function and they require care and attention. Especially when they belong to our most precious family members. 

My daughter began annual eye exams at a very early age and now that she is in college she has taken on the responsibility of her eye care. She also has astigmatism and wears both contact lenses and glasses. I always made sure to remind her that she was beautiful in her glasses so she would not be self-conscious as a little girl. There are so many fun and functional frames available now for kids of all ages that it should be easy for your child to find one they love.


Just as you nourish your body, soul and mind - you should also take care of your eyes by getting regular comprehensive eye exams. Visit Think About Your Eyes for more information and to locate an eye care professional.