runDisney Star Wars 5K Recap

My first race of Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend was the Star Wars 5K. Not part of the Rebel Challenge, the Star Wars 5K is an un-timed family fun run through the parks. The race started dark and early Friday morning at 5:30 AM. I was excited to take my new Garmin Forerunner 230 for a spin! Yes, I would be following doctor's orders and walking, but I was still excited to start this journey to recovery on the right track.


My race kit consisted of a Darth Vader tank, Nike Elite running tech socks, Yurbuds bluetooth headphones, 90 Degrees capris and a fresh new pair of my trusted Saucony Triumph shoes. With the knee issues I have going on, I didn't feel the need to go out all with a costume. In fact this injury gave me the opportunity to try out two new running capris this weekend.


I met with a friend the start line and we wished each other luck as we took off...her with a run and me with my walk.


The 5K course was flat and fast but it was dark and, just like last year, there were many small children to watch out for.


The first character on the course was Chewbacca. Because I was walking and because the line was already long, I decided to keep going. It was cool to see him giving out hugs! I love, love Chewbacca and as you know we have a special connection.


After mile 1 I stopped in front of it's a small world because I was so happy to see that it was still dressed up for the holidays. This is the most beautiful you will ever see on any race course at dawn. I promise.


I kept moving and was having a great time speed-walking through Disneyland and stopping for fun photos to Snap, IG and Tweet out to my friends who were following along.

Rebels were stationed in Tomorrowland. I kept on walking because the plan was to not stop unless I saw a Star Wars character I had never met.

A little birdie told me BB-8 was at Disney California Adventure, so I hustled and stood in line for this epic photo. BB-8 was very much alive and animated! We weren't allowed to touch his head, so I knelt beside him. He's so cute and tiny! Everyone on the course was stoked to see him - especially me!


By now I'd walked over 2 miles and as I left Cars Land I found the droids I was looking for. My favorite old school space friends, R2-D2 & C-3PO! Yes, I've met them before, but I couldn't resist meeting them again.


While I waited in that line I did fear I might be swept. It was a loooong line. The Cast Members nailed it with their speedy photo skills and after about 15 minutes I was on my way back into the Downtown Disney District. All together I lost about 30 minutes of time between the two photo lines.


I was happy to have finished and couldn't wait to peek at my Garmin to see how it would show me the breakdown of each mile. 


I think the extra mileage came from the two winding lines I stood in for the droid photos. You can see I started off walking really fast and by mile 2 I'd slowed down because of the selfies, Snaptchats, Instagrams and Tweets. Miles 2 & 3+ were spent in lines.

I loved this course and I LOVE my new Garmin! It's super light weight and very easy to use. I didn't bother to read the manual and was still able to get it going and stop it when the race was over.

I can't wait to recap the Rebel Challenge and share some really magic moments with you! Can you say Elton John? Or Lilly Belle? Or how about Club 33? Stay tuned!