Staying Healthy and Saving Money with Zarbee's at Target

Available exclusively at Target as part of the Made to Matter program, Zarbee's Naturals have become a family favorite. We have been Zarbee's fans ever since we received our sponsored package last month. I wrote a review about how great the vitamins taste and how easily they fit into our lives, and now I am shopping for them myself.


I was able to easily find Zarbee's on the very top shelf in the cough and cold aisle. In addition to the $4 savings already offered by Zarbee's, Target also had them on sale. I was happy to stock up on my favorites again!


One of my favorites, is the Calming Blend:

Calming Drink Mix - Lemon Mint flavor

Helps promote tranquility, because calm is contagious.
Made with chamomile and honey
Natural relaxation from passion flower
Packed with vitamins A, C, D, E, B-Complex
Serve it hot or cold

These natural, gluten free vitamin drink mixes are available in a variety of flavors and mixes. I recommend you try them all!


You can find Zarbee's Naturals exclusively at Target for $4 off until the end of September. 

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