25 Hours of Diamond Celebration fun at the Disneyland 24-Hour Event #Disneyland60

I do a lot of crazy things - mostly on accident. This craziness, however, was planned. Sort of. 

I was down to tackle the Disneyland 24-Hour Event this year because it was the kickoff to Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. I wanted to see the new night-time parade Paint the Night, the new fireworks show Disneyland Forever and of course the new World of Color - Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney. All the #Disneyland60 shows and merchandise were set to debut during the 24-Hour event and I wanted to join in on the fun.

24 Hours of Selfies

24 Hours of Selfies

Having just come home from the Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration at Walt Disney World the week before, I had no to time to plan my 24-hour strategy. I left work on Thursday, May 21st at 5:00pm, came home and packed and was on a plane a few hours later. I didn't hit the bed until 1am Friday, May 22.

By the time the Disneyland 24-Hour Event was all said and done I had been awake for 29 hours straight, 25 of of which were spent in the parks. Was it fun? Yup. Would I do again? Watch the videos to find out!

Friday, May 22nd: Disneyland 24-Hour Event

1:00am Go to bed

3:00am Alarm goes off. Is it too late? Am I too early? I need a plan. I hit snooze.

3:10am Alarm goes off. I panic. I. HAVE. To. Get. Up.

4:00am Reach out to my friends Crystal and Patty to see how they are doing and what the crowds look like. I get ready. I pack the biggest, fattest, heaviest backpack ever. I am ready for whatever comes my way.

4:15am As I'm getting ready to leave I trip and fall, slamming my knee into the bed. I'm starting to think I'm too old for this shit.

4:53am I'm in a taxi heading towards Downtown Disney because my knee is screaming at me. I have the driver stop to pick up Patty who is walking by herself on Katella because friends don't let friends stroll Katella alone pre-5am.

5:07am Thanks to Crystal, I'm at the locker she reserved for me on the Esplanade.

5:10am I'm on Main Street U.S.A. Thank you, Crystal! 

6:00am It begins. So do the hourly selfies and videos.

9:00am Yay - my friend Betsy and her family are here!

10:00am Yay - my friend Emelia is here!

11:30am Yay - my friend Beth and her family are here!

Saturday, May 23rd: Disneyland 24-Event

6:00am It ends. And it was awesome.

8:00am After being awake for a full 29 hours I go to sleep.

10:30am I'm up.

12:00pm Emelia and I are back at Disney California Adventure for cocktails and lunch at Carthay Circle.

Check out the two videos below for full details. Part 1 is an intro as well as my thoughts on the day and event as a whole. Did I think Disneyland was really at capacity? Find out.

Part 2 of my Disneyland 24-Hour video series is the fun one! See hourly video clips and photos from 6am - 6am, including the super cute closing ceremony with pajama wearing Disney characters.

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