Pretty in Pink: a Senior Prom Fit for a Princess

As Starlight's senior year of high school nears its grand finale, the events and milestones continue to pile up. The latest of those memorable moments was the senior prom. 

The Dress

First order of Prom business: the dress. Every girl wants a special prom dress that fits her personality, style, body type and skin tone. Sometimes a dress that hits all of these marks can be difficult to find. In our case the perfect dress, which happened to be a one-of-a-kind custom design, literally appeared to us as if by fate. She envisioned a pretty Elsa-inspired blue sparkly gown, but took this pink beauty into the fitting room simply because it was the only dress in the shop in her size. She loved the body of the dress and wanted to be sure it fit perfectly so that she could then seek out a similar style in blue.

But something happened in the fitting room. She fell in love with this dress, in this color. Immediately she said "yes" to the dress without hesitation.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

I urged her to try on a few more dresses before making her final decision and am so thankful to the staff at Mafalda's Bridal in Gilroy, CA for their patience as she tried on a few more dresses before circling back and sticking with her first love. This dress had an interesting and charming backstory, and knowing that she would be wearing a unique, custom piece was exciting. After a few small alterations, the dress was hers. The color, sparkle and cut truly making it a dress fit for a princess. (Side note: Princess Aurora was her first favorite princess as a little girl - so I thought it was fitting she ended up in pink.)

The Hair

She had looked on Pinterest for braids when her original theme was Elsa-inspired and decided to stick with that idea with this dress as well. The dress itself would really be the showpiece so she wanted to keep her accessories to a minimum and her hair and make-up soft.


Hair how to:

  • First the hair was divided into very small sections, sprayed with hairspray and curled with a curling iron

  • The curls were then finger combed

  • A braid was started high on the right side of her head and carried across and downwards towards the left side of her head

  • Hair was pinned and sprayed into place


For her nails, she went with a classic french manicure, adding the "pink and white" twist.


The Promposal

What about her date? 

An unnecessary thing these kids do now is put a lot of effort into the "promposal", i.e. the act of asking someone to be your prom date. I shouldn't have to tell you how incredibly lame I think that term is, but I will admit that my daughter discovered a very sweet and surprising promposal at our door one night.

I've never once in her lifetime called my kid a princess, but in my old age I'm starting to soften up a bit and I thought this was a super sweet invitation. Once I saw her in the dress my heart melted - she did look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

Light-up promposal

Light-up promposal

The Car

How is a princess supposed to get to the ball? Why in a 2015 Convertible Ford Mustang, of course! Her dad showed up at our doorstep just a couple of hours before the prom with this muscle machine - which did turn into a pumpkin at about 2 am.


The Most Important Ingredient: Friends

Before the prom, all the girls and their dates gathered at a local nursery's gardens for photos. It was sweet to see them all dressed up and excited for their prom, and most importantly, enjoying their dwindling time together as kids. 


All of us parents took tons of photos, and I am sure we were all silently thinking the same thing:

"How did this happen so fast?!"

Congrats to the Class of 2015! I hope everyone had a lovely prom.