Saturday Short: Ernesto Javier Presents: How to Shop Toys & Fashion for Boys


My niece and nephew joined my daughter & I tonight during her shopping trip to Target. She was on the hunt for cute outfits to wear at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration with me in a couple of weeks. The amount of time of she spent in and out of the fitting room seemed like an eternity to Ernesto. He was patient, but bored. About an hour into our expedition I walked with him to the toy section and asked him to show me what exactly it is boys his age like. He rattled off items really quickly, and I jokingly asked him if he wanted to make a video for my blog. He's super shy, so I expected a "NO!". 

Then he said "SURE!".

Without any prompting or rehearsal, and with his sister as the director, Ernesto's first video began production. It's funny, mistakes were not edited (who doesn't love a "fandora"?!), and super informative. I learned a few things about him, WWE and what "kids" are looking forward to this summer.

I think you'll be seeing more of Ernesto in the future.

Ernesto Javier Presents: How to Shop Toys & Fashion for Boys. My little nephew and I had time to kill at Target, so I asked if he felt like making a video explaining what the heck it is kids like him REALLY want. The result is pretty awesome.