Three Photo Tips from Disneyland PhotoPass Photographers

During our trip to Disneyland last month for the Halloween Time event, I was able to attend a very informative photography session with Disneyland PhotoPass Photographers. They offered several tips and tricks for guests to take the best photos possible at the Disneyland Resort. The biggest tip: leave it to PhotoPass to the do the work for you every now and again. That way you can actually be in the photos too. ;)

1. Composition and Character Photos:

Composition is important. The team pointed out that we when photograph our subjects we should bring them closer to the camera. "For instance, positioning them on the walkway of the Castle automatically brings them closer to you." Not every image has to be posed. Try candid shots as well - especially with characters.

Character photo composition is important as well. Take your character photos early in the morning when you first arrive the park and press the shutter button before the posing begins. The most genuine reactions are captured in those first moments of interaction. Don't miss them!

2. Fireworks and Nighttime Spectaculars

Capturing photos of the fireworks is always tricky, especially with a camera phone. Try to find an app that specifically provides this setting. If using a camera with manual controls, slow down the shutter speed and turn off the flash. (Shutter speed: controls the duration of the exposure.)

For shooting nighttime shows such as Paint the Night, set the ISO sensitivity on your camera high enough so you can hold it while shooting. (ISO speed: controls the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to a given amount of light.) If you're using a camera phone, there are several apps that can provide those settings for you.

3. Ideal Daytime Lighting

Try to avoid shooting your subjects when the sun is straight above as it casts shadows on their faces. When the sun is high like this, it's the ideal time to take photos of attractions and icons.

If it's super bright outside, use the HDR setting on your phone’s camera to enhance the exposure. I love HDR! It adds contrast when the photo would otherwise be washed out.

Grab your camera, take photos using these tips and share them!