39 Sleepless Hours of Bliss

Everyday we live, every minute we're awake and every second we breathe are precious. As I write this I am 39 hours into a sleepless streak. Not because my life is particularly treacherous or insomnia has brutally taken hold of me, but because I am living. Truly living. I have lived and breathed every second of the last 39 hours with the person I love most, and I am not one bit tired.

Correction, I am tired. I currently find myself somewhat blissfully comatose in a hotel room bed, gently tangled between familiar pajamas and unfamiliar sheets.

This journey began when I woke up at 7:00am yesterday. After a long, tedious series of never-ending errands, I went to work. After work I followed up on the failed errands, and finally at 11:00pm, set off on a 450 mile drive from our house to San Diego.

Arrival in San Diego was uneventful. We arrived at 5:30am. You can do the math, but don't judge my speed. Check-in was unavailable until 8:00am, and sleep in a Ford Focus in a parking lot - for me - was not possible. I closed my eyes, but mostly I just planned our day while my daughter slept like a champion.

After settling into our room we headed out to enjoy a day filled with local fun. We started in Old Town San Diego then visited the beaches. Along the way we shopped, we ate, we tanned and we rode a roller coaster. We wrapped up the day in Kearney Mesa with a nice dinner.

Why am I here?

I am in San diego because my daughter is one of the 10% of applicants accepted into San Diego State's Class of 2019. We are here for the SDSU Open House, which will help her make an educated choice on which school to accept. We have a very busy day ahead of us tomorrow, and as I fade into dreamland, I want to share one photo from this journey thus far that proves the infinite and intangible can be captured. Even if only in a photo.