February Run Streak Goal Completed!

Have you ever heard Andrés Cantor yell GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL when a soccer player scores? Well that's how I feel right now. All kinds of Telemundo.

I just came in from running 3 miles, and am officially done with my February run streak challenge! The challenge I set-up on Nike Plus was supposed to be simple: run every single day in February. Period. However, Nike Plus demands a milage goal, so I thought 56 was a nice even number. With 28 days in the month, this meant 2 miles (or less) per day average when you factor in longer runs on the weekend.

Everyday, for 28 days I ran, jogged, walked, at least a mile. With no races scheduled, I managed to get in 56.4 solid miles of training in this month. I am really proud of that accomplishment because typically I just race, and I don't give my training the attention it deserves. Now with this newfound sense of consistency, I'm looking forward to more running, more training and some speed work.

I am running a million fewer races in 2015 than I did in 2014 because I really want to focus on my training so that my races times are more in line with my goals.

Get out there and make your own challenge, people!