BODYARMOR SuperDrink Review

As a runner, nutrition and hydration are really important to me. As the mother of an athletic teenager and the spouse to a busy team manager, nutrition and hydration are important to all of us. I was eager to try BODYARMOR SuperDrink, and was excited when they sent me a six-pack with a variety of flavors to review: Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Strawberry Banana, Grape, Tropical Punch and Mixed Berry.


So what exactly is BODYARMOR SuperDrink? Simply put: it's an upgrade to the usual sports drink. It's made with coconut water and naturally flavored. Additionally, it is packed with electrolytes and vitamins and made with all natural colors & sweeteners. 

No artificial sweeteners means no "diet" or "zero calorie" formulas. This is a good thing! When you are hydrating your body during and after strenuous activity, you need those calories to recover. What I loved about BODYARMOR SuperDrink was what I saw when I read each label: Lots of potassium and vitamins, caffeine free, gluten free, nut free and no artificial ingredients.


When I run, lift weights and do hardcore plyo workouts, I sweat a lot. When it's time to rehydrate, water is not enough. We all need to replace our lost electrolytes. That's where BODYARMOR SuperDrink comes in. This formula utilizes potassium as its key electrolyte rather than sodium because we typically just don't get enough potassium in our diets alone, and potassium prevents cramping. Super important!

I love the ingredients, love the fact that the carb to calorie ratio is fair and love the addition of vitamins, minerals and potassium. But let's face it - none of that matters if the drink doesn't taste good. So I called in my team for a taste test. 

After a busy day at school, followed by cheer practice - my daughter was eager to try the fruit punch flavor before heading to work. She is a huge Gatorade drinker, and I was really surprised when she said she liked this a lot more.


She said the flavor was yummy and sweet, but more "fruit-like" and "real" than Gatorade. She really loved it and said she'd happily make the switch.

I waited until my 8 mile long run day, and grabbed a bottle of the Mixed Berry as soon as I got home. First thing I noticed: this tastes like real fruit juice. It's light and refreshing, clean and not sticky on the tongue/throat like the Powerade I normally drink.


And again, I was happy with that label! As athletes and parents, we take such good care of our nutrition at home, but once we leave the house we allow ourselves to just get by on whatever is available on the market. It doesn't have to be that way. BODYARMOR SuperDrink has changed that by offering a healthier, cleaner sports drink.

I tasted each flavor in the six-pack except for the Orange Mango, which my honey snatched as soon as he could. He loved it! Collectively, I found all the flavors to be good, but I especially loved the yummy goodness of strawberry banana. It was like drinking a fresh smoothie - without the smoothie texture. We all loved the punch and berry flavors, and I liked the grape a lot.

I definitely recommend upgrading your sports drink and giving BODYARMOR SuperDrink a try. You will never go back to those other sport drinks once you've tried this!

You can find BODYARMOR at the following retailers in your area: Raley's, Target & Lucky's. I even have a coupon link just for you! Take $1 off 2 bottles by printing the coupon.

Check out the BODYARMOR site for retail locations and follow BODYARMOR SportsDrink on social media for all the latest info: FaceBookTwitterInstagram.

Disclosure: As stated in the first paragraph, I received this free product and compensation in exchange for my time and honest review. All opinions are my own and those of my family.