Monday Motivation: February Run Streak Check-In

Late January, while running in Reno, I was inspired to create my own running challenge on the Nike Plus app. The ability to create a personal challenge and then invite your friends to join in - if they choose - is one of the really neat features of the sometimes squirrely app.

My challenge? To run all 28 days in February. Why not, it's the shortest month of the year. When creating the challenge, the app asked me to enter a milage goal - so I entered 56 (roughly 2 miles per day or 1 per day with longer runs on the weekends). 


The results so far? I've run 38.3 pure training miles this month. No races, just training. This is the most consistent I've been with my running in the last year, so I am really happy I decided to create the challenge as a push to myself.


Although some of the miles have actually been brisk walks with my sweetheart in the evenings, I have managed to stay on point and not have an extremely slow average pace overall. Bonus? The calorie burn! 3,453 burned in 16 days, and that is just with my running. I also started the 21 Day Fix Extreme last week, so I am getting in weight training, plyometrics and other cardio training as well.

I am loving February.