DIY Magnetic Makeup Board Tutorial

Last Christmas the three of us took on the following DIY gift-giving challenge orchestrated by #NoTwitterTodd: make one gift for each household member utilizing items we already have at home, with a budget of only $10.00 towards extra materials if necessary. The purpose of this challenge was to prove that with a little creativity and a whole lot of upcycling we could make each other more meaningful gifts than we could ever find in a store. He was right.

I made this magnetic makeup board for my daughter utilizing an an old wooden picture frame, a glue gun and glue sticks, a running tech tee, black spray paint and old metal containers (to hold her makeup brushes). All of those items I had at home. The only items I purchased were the magnets and the magnetic sheet, which I found at a discount at my local craft store. I was able to also use a 40% coupon for further savings which kept me under the $10.00 supply budget.



  • Old Frame
  • Magnetic Sheet
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Strong Magnets
  • Original Frame Backing or Piece of Cardboard to Make Your Own
  • Old Metal Storage Containers (for makeup brushes)
  • Optional: fabric to cover magnetic sheet
  • Optional: spray paint to change frame color

Depending on what your design concept is, you may or may not be painting your frame. I decided to paint the front of the frame black since I knew it would be going against a beautiful sky blue wall. Spray paint and let dry.


While the frame dries begin adhering your fabric to the metal sheet. (You can also leave the metal sheet bare which looks really cool and industrial.) Be very careful to not cut too much of the fabric until you are completely done gluing it down. Having more is better than running out, you can always trim the excess once the glue is dry. Since I used a tech tee I had to be sure to stretch the fabric as I glued it down so it wouldn't bunch up on the front facing side.

Start by placing your metal sheet front-side down on top of the piece of fabric. Wrap your fabric around the back of the metal sheet, pulling it taut as you glue the edges down with a hot glue gun.


Let the glue dry, then place your metal sheet into the frame to see how it fits and how it looks. If all is well you can move forward and begin trimming all the excess fabric. If there is something you don't like - adjust it now.


Once you've cut off the excess fabric, put the back on the frame. I used a thick sturdy piece of cardboard that I trimmed to size since the original back to this frame was missing. Then I used clips from a picture hanging kit I found in the garage to pinch the cardboard into place. 


I wrapped her present just like this and set it under the tree. Then I grabbed the pink bucket and the lip gloss containers from my bathroom and began gluing the magnets to the back of them. I had those two pieces under my sink forever and was happy to finally find a use for them! Once the glue dried and the magnets were secure, I wrapped each of those separately and also placed them under the tree.

After she opened her gift Christmas morning she chose her favorite makeup pieces and glued the magnets to the back of her containers and placed them on her board. She LOVES this gift! She is able to switch which items she places on the board as the seasons change or as she discovers new favorite makeup products. She also said it helps her get ready faster since she isn't digging into a drawer or makeup bag for her go-to items every morning.

If you make this magnetic makeup board please share your photo links in the comments below.