Training Like a Jedi

Clear your mind of questions and just run. That's what I keep telling myself. Forget the pain, ignore that itch you can't reach down the middle of your back, it doesn't matter how dark or cold it is - just run.

That's how Jedis train, right?

Seen on my run

Seen on my run

As I was running today I saw a deer. Nothing unusual in these parts, but today's run in was a little different. I was trying so hard to be in the zone, to block out all the interference that I saw it but I didn't see it. Coming up and over this hill in my car I am always looking for people, pets and deer. It's pretty steep and the blind spot is huge. When I'm running I never think to look for anything but cars, and since I didn't see or hear one - I picked up the pace and starting to come down the hill pretty fast. That's when I noticed the deer family.

They all left as soon as they saw me except for this one. We both stopped moving. Our eyes locked. I smiled and rushed to take a photo while it stood there wondering if it should stay or go. This moment lasted about 20 seconds although it felt like 5 minutes.

And it was in that moment that I realized I have been failing to see quite a few things that surround me. Sometimes by choice. Maybe it's ok to take a step back every now and again and assess the entire picture instead of focusing so hard that my focus is narrow. 

I know what I have been avoiding and what I have been failing to recognize. Friends that aren't really friends, colleagues that aren't cheering for my success, tough financial choices that need to be made to spare another...

The deer was my reminder that it was time to let the interference in and listen to everything it has to say. I can't run anymore. It's time to lock eyes and make things happen. Even the tough things.

Eventually the deer left and I kept running. I ran a little slower, I scratched my back and I paid a lot more attention to the pain in my knee. It was a great run.