Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Race Recap Part 1: Avengers Captain America 10K

I landed at good old SNA Friday morning just as the Avengers 5K was most likely wrapping up. I checked into the Hilton, put my things away and headed straight into Disneyland for a day filled with fun, friends, Christmas and day drinking.

After a very fun day in the parks I headed into the Expo to collect my race bibs and pins. I visited the official merch area for a few seconds out of curiosity, but there was nothing there I was interested in buying so back into the parks I went for a night of fun.


Despite all the walking around, lack of sleep and even after feeling sick the night before, on race morning my knees and legs didn't feel too bad. Not great, but not bad. I still had a headache though. I knew my goal was to finish without injury so I kept a nice and slow 12:00 mm pace and enjoyed the course.

My race kit for the 10K consisted of a Spider-Man Tank top, navy Under Armour shorts, a red sparkle skirt (for over the shorts), a Spider-Man eye mask and my trusty Saucony shoes and dark blue CEP Compression socks.

Spider-Girl Costume

Spider-Girl Costume

I stopped to say hi to my friend Emelia then went to my corral.

The first 2 miles take place outside the park. In fact, I ran straight back to my hotel! I was a little tempted to crawl back into bed. 


As I entered Disney California Adventure I knew that even though I wanted to stop for photos I'd have to be careful since my pace wasn't super fast. My first stop was with Thor, just after running through Cars Land.


After Thor my paced had dropped considerably and my knee had started aching. I had to back off. I told my friend @jellicle0 to run on without me as I carefully made my way towards mile 4, but first I made a stop.


And then another stop. Because Hawkeye. I love this dude. When I told him my Spidey senses were tingling he laughed pretty hard.


Who doesn't love small world when it's all dressed up like Christmas?


By now I have passed mile 5 and while I'm not moving super fast, I'm moving. I take a castle selfie (that's an official unwritten requirement, I think) and run towards Fontierland to find Captain America.


Well now the inaugural 10K is almost finished. I just needed to run from Frontierland to New Orleans Square and Critter Country. From there we'd run backstage towards Downtown Disney and straight to the finish line!

But before leaving Disneyland I stopped for my favorite photo of the race, sitting on a Disneyland Fire Department vehicle. So fun! 


I sped walked to the finish. I had made the mistake of sprinting from one character line to the next towards the end of the race and I knew I'd regret that during the half marathon. So I slowed down and happily crossed the finish line, grabbed my box of goodies and made my way back to the hotel.


Despite the fact that I had seriously considered deferring this race, and was really hesitant to spend money on travel this month, I had a great time. This is a 10K I'd recommend. 

Pros: I liked the course and the characters on the course. It helped that the weather was nice and cool. I love that the parks are decorated for Christmas - that makes the run that much more festive. I really appreciated the addition of more Cast Members assisting with the character photos. That really speeds the lines up. Great medal. Finally, that runDisney snack box makes me happy.

The biggest pro, as always, seeing my runner friends!


Cons: The race photos are too expensive. With such steep race registration prices, I think rD should include photos with the reg fee the same way Annual Passholders now receive PhotoPass photos as part of their annual membership. 

Stay tuned for my Avengers Half Marathon recap next!