When it's Too Late to Defer

'Twas the night before Avengers Half Weekend and not a suitcase was packed,
I don't even want to run these races and that is a fact.

Deferral is pricey and I am low on money,
the truth is I'd much rather stay home with my honey.

My knee may be hurt and I fear it will get worse,
I'd rather sit these out and avoid a doctor or nurse.

Avengers Half Marathon Hulk Costume

Avengers Half Marathon Hulk Costume

This is where I am right now, in a nutshell. Months and months ago when I registered for these races I had no idea that I'd be in a new position at work, that I'd possibly have a torn ligament in my left knee and that I would be refocusing my finances and unable to travel for races.

I don't want to see the money go to waste, so I am going. It's not my favorite race, I don't love the half marathon course and my friends that I ran with last year won't be there, but I'm going to put on my big girl panties and get these two races over with. Things could be much worse. I am thankful that I CAN run and as long I can I will. I just wish I wasn't possibly injured and that I could afford this right now.

Stay tuned for the outcome.

(Update: 10K recap, half marathon recap)