runDisney Star Wars 10K Recap: Part 1 of the Rebel Challenge

The day after the Star Wars 5K started early once again, this time for the Inaugural Star Wars 10K. The first of two races in the Rebel Challenge, I chose to be on the Dark Side for this shorter distance. It's fun to bad every once in a while.

My Storm Trooper running costume consisted of:

  • Silver Sparkle Athletic visor
  • White tech tee with a patch I sewed onto it made from Storm Trooper fabric
  • Silver sparkle skirt I made myself with silver material and Storm Trooper fabric (same as the patch I sewed onto my shirt). This is the first thing I have ever truly sewn in my entire life. It took forever.
  • White CEP Compression socks
rundisney Star Wars storm trooper costume

Since we'd moved to the Marriott Suites further down Harbor, we took a shuttle to Downtown Disney in the morning. Lucky for us - Starbucks was open and all our friends were there!

Hey, it's Tim!

Hey, it's Tim!

I was able to eat my precious pre-race Starbucks yogurt which, to be honest, has now become a superstition to me. If I don't eat it before a race I think something bad will happen. 

rundisney star wars 10k starbucks downtown disney

We took tons of selfies and videos in front of the 70-inch touchscreen digital chalkboard. I am in love with it and need one in my kitchen.

rundisney star wars 10k selfie

Pretty soon another friend joined in on the fun. After chatting, drinking coffee and being social media dorks - we set off to walk towards the start line. Each of us was in a different corral so we decided we'd do our best to meet-up again afterwards.

rundisney star wars 10k storm troopper r2-d2 costumes

At the start line I ran into the lovely Faith Dority. I first met Faith at the Inaugural Dumbo Dare race and was so happy to see her again. If she looks familiar to you that's probably because she is the runDisney Specialist on the Disney Parks Moms Panel. We had fun catching up and enjoying the pre-race show, which was crashed by none other than Darth Vader himself!

rundisney star wars 10k faith and jindy

The race started right after this video send-off.

Traveling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops, boy!
— Han Solo
rundisney star wars 10k warp speed

I took off running hoping to stop for any characters I had not seen at the 5K or Wookiee Welcome Party.

The first mile of the race was outside of the park. Once we entered Disneyland there were Rebels on Main Street, but since I'd stopped for the Rebels yesterday at the 5K I decided to keep running. On the way towards Frontierland I stopped in front of my favorite castle for a photo at mile 2.

rundisney star wars 10k disneyland castle

I saw Chewbacca as I ran towards Fantasyland, but didn't stop. The line was really long, and although I am glad I already took that photo, I still wanted one with him on the course as well. Maybe at the half...

I stopped for this quick photo near it's a small world then ran towards Tomorrowland where I had hoped to see Darth Vader.

rundisney star wars 10k jedis

We ran through Tomorrowland and I was surprised to see there were no characters there at all. From Tomorrowland we continued running backstage towards the Esplanade and the chEARing crowd at mile 4. Then we entered Disney California Adventure.

We ran towards Tower of Terror then turned towards Paradise Pier.

rundisney star wars 10k california adventure hollywood land

Hey look, Boba Fett wants a piggy back ride! I'm disappointed this photo turned out this way, but happy I was able to stop. I have never seen Boba Fett at the parks before.

rundisney star wars 10k boba fett

I stopped for one last photo before leaving the park and heading towards the finish line.

rundisney star wars 10k jedis california adventure

Finished! Thanks to the great weather and not very many character stops - it didn't take too long to finish this 10K.

rundisney star wars 10k finish line

I was so excited to get my bling!

rundisney star wars 10k finisher photo

The finisher's tee and medal for this race are great. I love that the shirt is fit for a woman!

rundisney star wars 10k finisher medal shirt

This was a fun, fast race, but I do wish there had been more characters out on the course and more park time. I learned that Darth Vader did make it to Tomorrowland later that morning. It took a while for him to get from the start line to his photo stop so I missed out. Either way, I am so happy to have been able to run this race! 

Next stop: Star Wars Half Marathon!