Spare Change Uncovers the Hidden Gems of Disneyland

You're at Disneyland. You've been eating from the outdoor vending carts all day. Churros, popcorn, ice cream...yum! Now you have a pocketful of change. What's a girl to do with all that loose change?

We all know about the things you simply must do while at Disneyland: watch Fantasmic!, ride Space Mountain and eat at the Blue Bayou. But what about those magical side notes nobody tells you about? The fun gems hidden in plain sight? That's what I am here for.

On our most recent trip to Disneyland this summer, I introduced my daughter to Shrunken Ned. It was time. Afterwards, we walked a few steps towards a cave of wonder-ish location and visited Aladdin's OTHER Lamp. 

See the video below for snippets of magic from Adventureland. No spoilers here! My daughter's future is private.

Are you in need of knowing your future or just desperate for a good Witch Doctor? Take your spare change to Adventureland in Disneyland Park and meander through Adventureland Bazaar to find Aladdin's OTHER Lamp. Then hike a few steps to South Sea Traders, where my friend Shrunken Ned will tell you a thing or two.