REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System Review

Fact: I never get enough sleep. Work, exercise, stress, life and the ever-growing to-do list make it so that I typically sleep 4-5 hours per night. That is why I was intrigued by the REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System, a Protect-A-Bed product developed specifically for consumers with an active, healthy lifestyle. Thanks to FitFluential, I was given the opportunity to test and review the following products to see if they would help with my sleep issues:

  1. REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow.
  2. REM-Fit Energize Smooth Mattress Protector
  3. REM-Fit Energize Smooth Pillow Protector

What is the REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System? REM-Fit is a lifestyle, which stands for "Rest, Energize and Motivate", and the Sleep Recovery System is designed to help those of us with active lifestyles by providing a rejuvenating sleep environment. 

We are all aware that exercise is necessary for mental and physical balance, and is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. But what about rest? Rest and sleep are extremely important, and essential to help energize our bodies. A restful night’s sleep helps the body recover, and adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning. Sleep helps with our weight and energy levels, and energy is something I can really use since I work and work out everyday.

The REM-Fit pillow and bedding and pillow protection products include features like Tencel®, which aids in thermo-regulation, wicks away moisture, is hypoallergenic, has antibacterial properties and provides a soft, silky-smooth sleep zone for those with sensitive skin. Another feature is Miracle Membrane®, which maintains mattress hygiene for more restful sleep. 

Additional benefits of the REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System

Additional benefits of the REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System

I was eager to test the products, hoping for an uninterrupted night's sleep in our very, very warm bedroom. I used the pillow, pillow case & mattress cover. When I unboxed the items, I noted right away that the texture of the materials was very light and silky. Being a runner, I could tell that these were quality moisture wicking materials. Once the bed was made, I rested my head on the pillow and liked the way it felt. It was not super soft, but also not extremely firm. As Goldilocks would say, it was just right.

When I was awakened by my alarm a few hours later, I didn't want to get out of bed. The pillow had remained lush, full and comfy, under my head. I slept throughout the entire night without waking up and would have loved very much to stay in bed with my new pillow all morning! Typically, because our room is so hot in the summer, I wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I also tend to struggle with finding the perfect "sweet spot" for my head with my old pillow. After using the REM-Fit system for a couple of weeks now, I find myself going to bed earlier and enjoying a longer, more restful, night of sleep.

If you are curious about the products, visit their website to learn more. I would recommend starting with the pillow, which I adore! By using the “remfitlife” coupon code, you can save 40% off on all products available at! Give them a try. Your body needs the sleep.

Disclosure: As stated in the first paragraph, I received the REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System at no cost to test and review. All reviews and opinions are my own.