Why I love Wordless Wednesday

Call it fluff, call it meaningless, call vacant or inane. Call it whatever you'd like, I will continue to call it Wordless Wednesday.

Yes, Wordless Wednesday is sometimes used by some (lazy, not-so-creative) bloggers as a means to fill space. A meaningless post with a date attached to it; the only thing validating its existence. Some ("my blog is a business only") bloggers believe #WorldessWednesday is silly and unprofessional. They argue that it devalues your blog by taking up precious real estate. I agree to disagree.

For me Wordless Wednesday was never filler. As a visual person who loves to travel and photograph everything from neckties to martini glasses, Wordless Wednesday is a silent art. A post that captures a moment and requires no description. An image that holds deep meaning to the writer, and possibly to the reader. A photograph open for interpretation. A post for you decipher as you see fit.

Earlier this year, I placed Wordless Wednesday on an indefinite hiatus as I considered its worthiness. Last week, the madness captured in this photo required no words, thus Wordless Wednesday made its triumphant return to Flowers Croon.

Imagery, art, emotion, symbolism. That is photography. That is my Wordless Wednesday.