Pin Trading & Merchandise Events at the Disneyland Resort

Before writing my recap of "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" in Disneyland Trading Event, the latest pin trading event at the Disneyland Resort, I decided to take a moment to demystify pin trading and merchandise events at Disney. 

Event pin. Photo credit: Disney

Event pin. Photo credit: Disney

After I shared the Disney Parks Blog event announcement page, with friends, family and Flowers Croon readers, I realized that Guests are still somewhat confused as to how these events work. In fact, many of you reached out to me personally to ask questions about the event. The top 3 questions I've been asked are:

  1. What is this event and who is it for?
  2. Why is there a registration fee and what do you get?
  3. What is an RSP?

The answer to question number 1 was easy for me to answer! Michelle Harker, Manager of Merchandise Marketing & Communications at the Disneyland Resort, was more than happy to provide detailed answers to the remaining questions.

1. The event is a Nightmare Before Christmas themed merchandise event where any registered Guest can pre-purchase limited release and open edition pins, art and Vinylmations before they are released to the public. The event is for anyone and everyone - from Nightmare Before Christmas fans that want to add to their pin and Vinylmation collections, to serious pin traders.

2. The hard ticket price gives the Guest an opportunity to take part in various activities, signings and opportunities (such as below) that will not be open to the public, only to those event Guests. In some cases like the merchandise, it offers them the first opportunity to purchase merchandise that will be released at a later date, however due to the low edition sizes, this group may be the only ones who have the opportunity to actually purchase them.

  • Event Store & Random Selection Process Merchandise Pick-up
  • Trading Area
  • Trading Boards
  • Trading Activities
  • Merchandise Artist Signing Opportunity
  • Silent Auction – featuring pre-production pins, artist proof pins and more
  • Product Showcase – meet Disney Pin Merchandisers and view upcoming pin releases
  • Commemorative Gifts (including a commemorative event tee shirt)

3. RSP, the Random Selection Process, is a random process that fairly gives Guests who are pre-purchasing the event merchandise the opportunity to do so.  Guests attending the event preview the merchandise catalog and select the merchandise they wish to purchase in order of how much they really want it. Obviously, there are large desires for the smaller edition sizes and when there are more Guests than the edition size, the RSP becomes a way for the system to randomly award Guests merchandise based on their initial requests.

Jack Skellington and Zero Partners Statue pin. Photo credit: Disney

Jack Skellington and Zero Partners Statue pin. Photo credit: Disney

An example of how an RSP works is as follows: 

I fell in love with the Jack Skellington and Zero Partners Statue pin when I saw it in the catalog and HAD to have it. I listed it as priority number 1 on my RSP list. The random process, which attempts to provide merchandise in order of priority, would see that this piece was more important to me than the item I listed as #5, and thus would attempt to complete my order with this piece first. Because, as Michelle stated, some items may have more RSP requests than there are actual pieces, you may or may not get everything you wished for. At this event, I did get everything on my RSP list, and I added a few items at the on-site event store.

It's important to note that there are other types of pin release events that don't require a ticket, pre-registration or RSPs. However, those events don't offer the many perks listed in answer number 2.

Stay tuned this week for a full recap of the event and an interview with Disney Design Group Artist Susan Foy.