Saturday Short: 21 Day Fix While Traveling

Live from San Diego, it's the Saturday Short!

This has been a long week with many, many challenges. At one point I considered cancelling my trip to the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon due to the circumstances. However, here I am. Thankfully I was able to come, and I can't wait to run tomorrow!

I am far too exhausted to deliver today's message, How to Stick to the 21 Day Fix While Traveling, with a long blog post. Instead, what I have for you today is a short video explaining how to travel with 21 Day Fix foods, how to stick to the program and how I plan to tweak the program on race day.

Before you watch the video, please note the following: 

1. At one point I say that when I run races, I carry grapes. This is proof of my current zombie state! I don't carry grapes, I carry raisins. I even show them to you in the video. Typically, the only things I eat while running are raisins, dried cranberries and energybits (organic, natural spirulina).

2. I mention that I eat 2 tablespoons of peanut butter per day - that is wrong. I eat 2 TEASPOONS per day on my meal plan.  Again, I am just tired today. Sorry!

3. Water. I did not show you the gallon of water in my room that I bought at the gas station. Also, I always carry-on my own empty water bottle.

4. It is so simple to carry-on Shakeology and whey protien. In this video I have both.

5. I had a wonderful poke salad at Bali Hai which counted as 1 red & 1 orange container. Even though I only had a couple of sips of the Mai Tai, I counted it as 1 yellow container.

Enjoy the video and please stay tuned for my race recap on Monday.