Saturday Short: 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Unboxing

Today's Saturday Short is a brief, and somewhat manic, goofy little YouTube video of me happily unboxing the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. It was like Christmas in my kitchen today.

Speaking of goofy, I am actually wearing my 2013 Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge shirt today purposefully. The last time I felt truly fit was just before I ran those 39.3 miles in Disney World, thanks to Insanity. (Note: I am NOT a coach any longer, but my results are valid!)

I intend to post more details about the work outs and meal plan here on my blog as well as on FaceBook. I'm looking forward to sharing my results with everyone! In the meantime, laugh out loud at my first fitness vlog, and feel free to dance along to that familiar tune.