New Season. New Hair.

Spring has arrived, and as usual it's that time of the month. Hold the phones, I'm not talking about that time, I mean the time of the month when I ask myself, "What should I do with my hair next?".  (Yes, really this does happen once a month.)

After the Oscars everyone was oohing and awing over the presence of females with short hair. I started thinking that maybe it's time to grow this mess out. But then I remembered why I cut my hair to begin with: it's thick, it's wavy, it requires heat styling & we don't have air-conditioning. And so, armed with the image of myself dripping in sweat while holding a flat iron and a blow-dryer, I went to see my stylist. Together we decided I'd just let it grow out on top. We'll take it slow and see what happens. If I can stomach it, I will grow out the sides. 

What do you think? Sweet, huh?

If you're a Bay Area local I highly recommend Genevieve Story at Casa Blue in Morgan Hill. She makes my hairs smile and the salon is crazy fabulous.

Stay tuned for the next installment of "As the Head Turns".