College Campus Visits & Empty Nests

My daughter, a junior in high school, has been chosen to attend a 4-day tour of various college campuses in California in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited for her!

So far we have visited 4 campuses on our own: UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State U (the closest to us, one we drive by all the time), and most recently Cal Poly. (University of Hawaii is on the list as well, but while in Hawaii we have repeatedly run out of time for a proper campus tour.)

Our visit to Cal Poly was the most enjoyable of all the campus visits she and did on our own. Mostly because we made a road trip out of it and really spent some quality time together on a short, but fun adventure. For a student like my daughter, who is interested in animal science, Cal Poly seems fitting. For me the location is as important as the education. Her lifestyle & happiness will play a huge factor in a successful experience, and I think SLO is just the place for her. Not too far and not too close from home.

 Cal Poly. Wonderful school, great campus, gorgeous town.

Cal Poly. Wonderful school, great campus, gorgeous town.

As a mom, I of course want her college experience to be the best it can be: rewarding, fulfilling and life-changing. With her interests in education, psychology and animal science - I think University of Hawaii and Cal Poly are fantastic options for her. Of course, those are my opinions, and ultimately the choice is hers. I am scared and excited for her journey, and secretly want to keep her close to home. (Ok, it's not that BIG of a secret that I would like to lock all the doors and keep her here forever.)

As we continue to research schools, scholarships and SAT prep classes - I keep asking myself, "Where has the time gone?". It seems like she was just a little baby in my arms not that long ago, and now she drives, works, and is preparing to leave home...

Life happens fast. I am happy I have the time now to be here to support her and help her with her choices. I am full of love for her, and that love outweighs the sadness of the idea of a home without her.

But, I see a puppy in my future.