Saturday Short: Showing Respect to NIN

No doubt the majority of you saw the Grammy's last Sunday night. I was looking forward to a few select performances myself, but the show was so hit or miss that after Pink's incredible performance I decided to go to sleep and catch the rest on DVR.

To my horror, the DVR stopped recording the show before Nine Inch Nails hit the stage. I was really upset, and decided to find the performance online via Trent's Twitter account. Instead, what I found was this F U tweet and this article at Rolling Stone explaining what happened.

Apparently, a portion of the Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age/Lindsey Buckingham performance DID air - but not in its entirety. The performance was interrupted by ads and credits when the show, already running late, abruptly ended. In my case, my DVR stopped recording before any of that even happened so I didn't get to see the performance.

I know the promise of a grand finale is why super group performances like this are left until the end, but frankly do away with the Taylor Swifts of the music industry mid-show and replace those stale, predictable acts with amazing performances to keep the show moving.

This week's Saturday Short is showing love to NIN and Trent. Check out the beautiful performance below of "Something I can Never Have".