Challenge Yourself October

Life is full of challenges. That's a given. So why add another challenge into your life? Because "just getting by" is too damn easy. We all deserve the satisfaction of putting ourselves first, for once, and challenging ourselves to do something new, hard, different, scary, embarrassing, silly.

I ran across this event page on FaceBook tonight - #October100Miles Challenge - and I decided to take the challenge. I am already running three half marathons and two 5K races. That's a total of 45.5 miles. So what's another 54.5 miles? The way I've broken down the math, this means that on my non-race days I just have to put in a minimum of 2.09 miles to hit 100 by the end of the month. I can do that. It won't be easy, but I am capable. I created a goal for myself on Runkeeper to keep me motivated.

Running is most certainly not the only way to challenge myself! I can definitely think of several other ways to challenge myself. I should challenge myself to call my mom once a day, to call my brother and sister at least once a week, to support my blogger friends by reading and commenting on their blog posts once a week, etc. In fact, I may just do that as well. Why not?

How will you challenge yourself this October? Join me! I am happy to support you during #ChallengeYourselfOctober!