A Review of Disney On Ice Presents: Worlds of Fantasy

They came dressed as their favorite Disney characters, they asked their parents for cotton candy and light up merchandise and then they sat in complete awe for about 2 hours. I was mesmerized not only by the performances, but by the behavior of hundreds of children as they watched Disney on Ice Presents: Worlds of Fantasy.

Last night's opening show in San Jose, a gorgeous well-choreographed production, kicked-off with Mickey & Minnie who set the stage for the four magical stories about to unfold.

mickey and minnie.jpg

The cast of "Cars" made an appearance to help Mickey & Minnie get their car on the road and kick-off the journey into Worlds of Fantasy. All of the cars were large and fully animated. So much fun for the little ones to see on the ice!

Soon were were transported under the sea, through these beautiful waves.

We danced and sang along to the beloved songs from "The Little Mermaid", as Ariel fought to win back her voice and her true love. This was by far my most favorite part of the show. The music and artistry of this film translated really well onto the ice, and the skating between Ariel and Prince Eric was technically quite fabulous.

littler mermaid.jpg

More beautifully costumed characters filled the ice as we journeyed to Pixie Hollow, where the story of Tinker Bell's history was told in stunning detail. Not only does Tinker Bell fly high above the crowd and the ice, but the Queen of Pixie Hollow herself also glitters in the air. Hundreds of tiny children gasps could all be heard at once.

The final stop in this tour was at the unhappiest place on Earth (for toys): Sunnyside Day Care Center. The "Toy Story 3" segment of the show was phenomenal. From Andy's toy box to the day care to dump - really superb set changes occurred very seamlessly.

I loved hearing Buzz speak in Spanish, and watching Ken and Barbie skate to "Dream Weaver" was epic. However, the Little Green Men are always my favorite scene stealer.

I attended this show with my friend Emelia, her pre-school aged daughter and my teenager, and we all enjoyed it. Each of us had our favorite moments, but we all agreed that cohesively it was a fantastic show.

SAP Center in San Jose show dates are listed below. Don't forget: you can save 20 - 40% off weekend shows. Details here.

SAP Center at San Jose
October 15-19, 2014

Now I'm looking forward to Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate! which arrives to San Jose in February 2015.